Betting the C & E in Craps

The C & E is a combination of two bets. The 'C' is the Any Craps: Aces, Ace Deuce, and 12. The 'E' stands for Eleven or the Yo. You can bet the C &E as a split (both simultaneously) or individually ( a different amount on each the C and the E). 

The C & E is sort of the poor man's Horn. It bets all the same numbers but has a different pay structure and a $2 minimum; you need at least $1 on the 'C' and $1 on the 'E'. On the Horn, you need to bet $4.

  • C & E's are one roll bets

Overhead view of the c and e area. There are no bets on the layout and the section is outlined with a drop shadow.

Where Is Your C & E on the Craps Table?

There are usually enough spots of the C & E for every player on the table. They are also not confined to a box so there’s plenty of space to place the bets. Placements of the C & E’s are relative to your spot on the table.

C and e area outlined with arrows pointing from each of the c and e’s to their relevant spot on the rail.

What Does the C & E Pay in a Craps Game?

Splitting – There are two payouts possible when splitting the C & E. If any of the Craps roll (2, 3, or 12) the payout will be 3x the bet. E.g. a $5 C & E will pay 3 x 5 or $15. If the Yo rolls (11) the payout will be 7x the bet.

$5 C & E Split
$5 bet split on one of the c and e’s. A sign says it pays $15 if the any craps is rolled.
$4 C - $1E
$4 bet on the C and $1 on the E. A sign says it pays $27 if the any craps is rolled.

Before you ever make a bet on the table you should know the basics to playing the game.

The Pass Line and its Odds are the first bets you should learn on the Craps table

The most common bets after the Pass Line. These are fun to play with a lot of betting possibilities.

They work like the Pass Line and offer Odds that don't have an advantage for the casino. 

Also called the Dark Side, these players are saying the shooter won't be making points.