Coming Down w/Odds

If you’re playing both Come bets and Place bets, you will have times when the Come bet will move into the number that your Place bet is on. Since betting both would be redundant and Odds pay better than Place bets, you’re going to want to take down the Place bet and use it as Odds for the Come bet. The act of using your Place bet and/or its’ payment as Odds is called 'Coming Down with Odds'.

Part 1: The Setup

It takes both a Place bet and a Come bet in order to Come Down w/Odds. If you’re playing both Come bets and Place bets then you should expect to be Coming Down w/Odds and you should be thinking about how many Odds you’ll be coming down with.

Part 2: Come Bet Moves and Place Bet Paid

If a Point rolls that doesn’t have a Place bet on it then nothing matters. The process starts when the Point that the Place bet is on rolls. The Come bet moves behind the Place bet then the dealer pays the Place bet.

Part 3: Odds are Added to the Come Bet and the Rest is Handed Off

The dealer keeps as much money as they need for Odds and hands off the remainder. Tell the dealer how many Odds you would like. If you don’t tell the dealer anything they might give you a Come bet with no Odds and leave your Place bet where it is when you should of taken you’re Place bet down and added Odds because they have no house advantage.

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