Craps Basics

Craps Basics

Know what you're

walking up to

Find out who the crew is and what the table is all about.

Direct overhead view of third base place bet section. The layout is empty.

What are the jobs of the dealer, the box, and the floor? Each play a different role on the Craps table.

Direct overhead view of third base place bet section. The layout is empty.

Know all the parts of the table. Learn what the puck does, what the bank is, and what the betting areas are.

Two purple casino dice stacked on top of each other near the corner of a craps table.

The Dice play the most important role on a Craps table. Learn how to deal with the shooter and what not to do with the dice.

Up close aerial view of second base craps layout. The puck off in the don’t come and the rest of the layout is empty

Make sure you know what stage of the game the players are in in order to keep from getting yelled at.

Green background with two overlapping talking bubbles, one blue and one magenta.

Communication is key in Craps. All the bets can be made while the dice are out and without a single cheque hitting the layout. 

Up close side view of a forty two dollars in chips stacked tall. Two whites and a red are slightly offset to show the ‘cap’.

There are other ways of betting besides picking some bets on the table for yourself. Know what they are so you don't get trapped. 

Difficulty understanding a word? Check out the Glossary

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