Betting the Don't Pass in Craps

For the most part, the Don’t Pass is the complete opposite of the Pass Line. Where the Pass Line wins, the Don’t Pass loses and vice versa. You can only bet the Don’t Pass during the Comeout Roll because after the Comeout Roll the Don’t Pass is most likely to win and the casinos would never give you that advantage.

  • You can take the Don't Pass back at any time

  • You cannot turn OFF a Don't Pass bet

Overhead view of the don’t pass bet area. There are no bets on the layout and the section is outlined with a drop shadow.

How Do You Bet the Don't Pass in Craps?

When you bet the Don't Pass all you have to do is put the money right in front of you relative to your spot in the rail.

Bets on the pass line with lines pointing the their spots should be in the rail.

What Are the Two Stages of the Don't Pass in a Craps Game?

Stage 1 - The Comeout Roll

Stage one is the Comeout Roll, before the Point is established. During the Comeout Roll the Don’t Pass Line wins when 2 or 3 are rolled. It loses if a 7 or Eleven are rolled, and if the 12 rolls it’s a push, it doesn’t win or lose. The Comeout Roll is where the casino makes its money on the Don’t Pass because once a Point is established the Don’t Pass has advantage over the house.

$25 on don’t pass. Puck off in the don’t come. Signs say don’t pass wins on 2 or 3, loses on 7 or 11, and pushes on 12.

Stage 2 - Intermediate Roll

The second stage is the Intermediate Roll, after the Point is established. During the Intermediate Roll the Don’t Pass is betting that the 7 will roll before the Point is rolled. If the 7 rolls before the Point the Don’t Pass wins. If the Point rolls before the 7 the Don’t Pass loses.

$25 on don’t pass, Puck on point 10. Signs say don’t pass wins when the seven rolls and loses when 10 rolls.

What Does the Don't Pass Pay in Craps?

Regardless of where you are in the game, the Don’t Pass will always win even money.

During the Comeout Roll
Decision Roll

How Do You Bet the Don't Pass for the Dealers?

You can make a Don’t Pass bet for the dealers in any amount. Like players, it must be done during the Comeout Roll and you can put it right next to your bet.

$5 bet on the don’t pass with $1 next to it.

Before you ever make a bet on the table you should know the basics to playing the game.

The Pass Line and its Odds are the first bets you should learn on the Craps table

The most common bets after the Pass Line. These are fun to play with a lot of betting possibilities.

They work like the Pass Line and offer Odds that don't have an advantage for the casino. 

Also called the Dark Side, these players are saying the shooter won't be making points.