Betting Hop Bets in Craps

Hop Bets have every combination of the dice not including the Aces, Ace Deuce, Yo, and the Twelve. There are 17 different possible Hop bets as shown which are the possible combinations of the 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10.

  • All the Hops are one roll bets

Overhead view of the hop bet area. There are no bets on the layout and the section is outlined with a drop shadow.

Where Are Your Hop Bets on the Craps Table?

When you want to make a Hop bet, throw the bet to the Stickperson then tell them how much you want and on which one. E.g. Throw your money to the Stickperson and say “I’d like $1 each 6’s hopping” or “I want a $5 easy four hopping”. The Hop bet boxes are pretty small so the dealers try to use the corners of the boxes but really they do what they can and try to remember who’s bets belong to whom.

Blown up hop image over the entire table and rail. Sections marked off 1-4 to show spots of players.

What Do Hop Bets Pay on a Craps Game?

When you bet a Hop bet there are always two possible payouts. 30:1 and 15:1. The Hops that are pairs pay 30:1 which are: 2-2 (Hard Four), 3-3 (Hard Six), 4-4 (Hard Eight), and 5-5 (Hard Ten). They pay the most on the table because there is only one way to roll each of them. The rest of the combinations pay 15:1 because there are two ways to roll each of them.

15:1Hop Bet Payment
$3 on the forty-two. Bubble in the corner with two green dice showing 4-2. Sign says $3 x 15 = $45 payment.
30:1 Hop Bet Payment
$2 on the hopping hard eight. Bubble in the corner with two green dice showing 4-4. Sign says $2 x 30 = $60 payment.

What Kind of Hop Bet Terminology Is Used in Craps?

There are several phrases you can use to tell a dealer you want to make a Hop bet.

  • Hop the _____ - "I would like to hop the thirty-two for a dollar."

  • Hopping _____ - "I would like a hopping hard-eight for a dollar"

  • _____ on the Hop. - "I would like the sixty-four on the Hop for a dollar."

For Any and All Hop Bets - You can refer to all of the Hop bets as if they were a two-digit number. E.g. if you wanted to bet a hop bet on the 5, specifically the 3-2 combination, you could tell the dealer “I would like thirty-two on the hop for $1.” When making a bet using a two-digit number you must make the bet using the larger number first: 6-4 would be said as “Sixty-four” as oppose to “Forty-six.”

Hopping Hard - Since there are only 4 possible Hop bets that can come the hard way, you only need to tell the dealer which Hardway you would like: “I would like a hopping hard 6 for $1.”

Hopping Easy - The 4, 6, 8, and 10 can be hopped 'easy' meaning the numbers will come NOT as a pair. E.g. “I would like to hop the easy 10 for $1.”

What Are Some Common Multi-Bets for Hops in Craps?

Since there are 17 different Hop Bets you can bet there are a lot of ways to bet them together but for the most part players stick to these most common ones.

Two Number Hop Bets

There are 2 combinations for each the 4, 5, 9, and 10 so for $2 you can tell the dealers “I would like to hop the 4’s (or 5’s, or 9’s, or 10’s) for $1 each ($2 total).”

Hop 4’s outlined in blue. Hop 5’s outlined in orange. Hop 9’s outlined in red. Hop 10’s outlined in yellow.

Three Number Hop Bets

There are 3 combinations for each the 6, 7, and 8 so for $3 you can tell the dealers “I would like 6’s (or 7’s, or 8’s) on the hop for $1 each ($3 total).”

Hop 7’s outlined in blue. Hop 6’s outlined in orange. Hop 8’s outlined in red.

Four Number Hop Bet

There are four different hopping hardways so you can tell the dealer “I would like the hopping hardways for $1 each ($4 total).”

The four hopping hardways outlined with a drop shadow.

How Do You Bet the Hops for the Dealers in Craps?

You can always bet the Hops for the dealers by throwing the money to the Stickperson and telling them which number(s) you would like to Hop for the dealers.

$1 bet in the middle of the forty-two.

Before you ever make a bet on the table you should know the basics to playing the game.

The Pass Line and its Odds are the first bets you should learn on the Craps table

The most common bets after the Pass Line. These are fun to play with a lot of betting possibilities.

They work like the Pass Line and offer Odds that don't have an advantage for the casino. 

Also called the Dark Side, these players are saying the shooter won't be making points.