The Horn is a $4 minimun bet. Instead of a player betting all four Straight Up bets one at a time, they created a bet called the Horn which is an equal amount on each of them.

  • The Horn is a one roll bet

  • Horns must be bet in multiples of $4

A $4 Horn

The most common amount bet on the Horn is $4 which is the same as $1 on each of the four Straight Up bets.

Placement of a Horn

The Horn bet is divided into four quadrants, two for each side of the table. A total of 8 spaces.

What does the Horn Pay

A Horn pays differently based on what rolls, a high number, which would be the Aces and the Twelve, or a low number, which would be the Ace Deuce and the Yo.

No matter which of the four bets hit, you always take what the winning bet paid and subtract the rest of the losers in order to keep the whole bet up to win again.

$4 Horn Pays $12 or $27

If either low side hits, the Ace Deuce or Yo, it would win $15 but then you would subtract the other three losers and it would pay $12. Likewise if the high side hits, the Aces or Twelve, it would win $30 but then you would subtract the other three losers and it would pay $27.

$4 Horn on the low side pays $12
$4 Horn on the high side pays $27

Low Side Pays 3x the Bet

When you’re betting a Horn and a low number rolls, the Ace Deuce or the Yo, the payment is to multiply the bet by three.

$8 Horn on low side pays $24
$24 Horn on low side pays $72

High Side Pays 7x minus 1/4 of the Bet

When the Horn hits on the high side, the Aces or the Twelve, the payment is a bit more confusing. The first way I learned to pay the high side of the Horn was to multiply the bet by 7 then subtract ¼ of the bet.

$8 Horn on high side pays $54
$24 Horn on high side pays $162

Betting the Horn for the Dealers

When a bet on the Horn comes in for the dealers it is placed in the middle of the Horn area. While a proper $4 would be best, any amount put on the Horn for the dealers is appreciated.

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