The Pass Line

The Pass Line teaches you the flow of the game: how a Point is made and how the table wins or loses. Everyone on the Pass Line is betting that the shooter will establish a Point and roll that Point again before a 7. If they roll the Point first you win. If they roll the 7 first you lose. All other rolls don't matter. Everyone on the Pass Line wins and loses together and it's the joy and pain felt together that builds comaraderie among the players.

  • Contract bet during the Intermediate Roll

  • During the Comeout Roll you're twice as likely to win on the Pass Line than lose

  • Put the table minimum on the Pass Line and if you want to bet more, wait for the puck to turn ON and put that extra money in the back as odds

How to Bet the Pass Line

When you bet the Pass Line all you have to do is put the money right in front of you in the bar marked Pass Line.

Two Stages of the Pass Line

Stage 1 - The Comeout Roll

There are two stages to the Pass Line. The first is when the puck is OFF. This is called The Comeout Roll and is where the game starts. One of three outcomes happen: you win if the shooter rolls a 7 or 11. You lose if they roll 2, 3, or 12 or they roll a Point (4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10), which is Stage 2.

Stage 2 - Intermediate Roll

Stage 2 is called the Intermediate Roll when the Point must be rolled again before the 7 in order to win. If they roll the 7 you lose. All other rolls don't matter. If the shooter makes their Point the puck will be turned OFF and a new Comeout Roll will begin. The same shooter will establish another Point and the game repeats. If the Shooter doesn’t make their Point the puck will be turned OFF and the dice will be passed to the next shooter.

What does the Pass Line Pay

Whether it’s the Comeout Roll or the Shooter has made their Point, the Pass Line is going to win even money.

During the Comeout Roll
When Point Rolls

Betting the Pass Line After the Comeout Roll

In some casinos you can only bet the Pass Line during the Comeout Roll. In others you can make or add to it at any time. The only reason you'd want to add to the Pass Line during the Intermediate Roll is to increase the amount of Odds you have behind it.

Betting the Pass Line for the Dealers

Putting the dealers on the Pass Line is common. The players and dealers win and lose together. Just like a players bet, a dealers Pass Line bet is a contract bet so once a Point is established a dealers’ Pass Line bet must stay there until a decision has been made.

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