Betting Place Bets in Craps

Place Bets take a minute to learn but a lifetime to master. They're straightforward. You bet them when the Puck is ON, and you get paid every time that number rolls.

The cool thing about Place Bets is they can win over and over again really quickly. You could also take one bet and turn it into a dozen bets in a matter of minutes. You could roll the dice for an hour, hitting only a few points in that time. The rest of that time... Place Bets.

There are six different Place Bets: 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, and 10. A Place Bet wins if it rolls before the 7 and loses if the 7 rolls first. So you know, you're allowed to add and remove from your Place Bets as much money as you want at any time.

  • Place Bets are not contract bets

  • Place Bets don't work during the Comeout Roll

  • You can ask to have your Place Bets turned ON during the Comeout Roll 

Overhead view of the place bets area. There are no chips on the layout and the place bets are outlined with a drop shadow.

How Do You Bet Place Bets in a Craps Game?

After the Point is established, it’s time to make some Place bets. Put your money in the COME, then tell the dealers which bets you'd like to make. Make sure the dealer repeats your bet. If they don't, repeat it until they do because if you place a bet in the COME without saying anything to the dealers, it's considered a Come Bet

Player view from left of stick at bets splashed in the come. The puck on on the nine in the on position.

Where Not to Put Your Money on a Craps Table.

Some people think it's easier to throw cheques at the dealer than to place them in the COME. Please don't put your money in the following places:

  • Next to or behind a dealers' working stacks - This is no good because money falls off the working stacks and could accidentally be picked up by the dealer and put away.

  • In the Place Bet boxes - Other people's money is in these boxes, so if you throw money in there, you will only mix that money with yours, causing some issues.

  • In the Field - Players bet many different amounts in the Field so it wouldn't be hard for the dealer to mistaken it as a normal Field Bet.

  • In the Don't Come - This spot is reserved for DC Bets and the Puck, so use the COME.

Bets splashed behind the point boxes inside a red crossed out circle and an x.

Where Are Your Place Bets on the Craps Table?

Understanding where your Bets are on the table will help you enjoy Craps a lot more. It's like a large horseshoe on each side of the table. A spot in the rail corresponds with a spot on the layout. Each player has a spot for their Place bets, so every dealer knows which bets belong to whom. There are four spots in front and four spots behind it to represent possible eight players for each side. 

Blown up place bet section of the 6 and the 8 over the entire table and rail. Sections marked off 1-16 to show spots of players.

What Does a Place Bet Pay in Craps?

Like many other bets on the table, you must bet Place bets in certain increments, and they pay differently depending on which number you’re betting.

Pays 7:6 on the 6 and 8

Every $6 you bet wins $7 on the 6 or 8, so you must bet in increments of $6 such as $12, $18, $30...

$6 place bet on point six with $7 cut out in the COME as payment.

Pays 7:5 on the 5 and 9

Every $5 you bet wins $7 on the 5 or 9, so any increment of $5 is good.

$5 place bet on point five with $7 cut out in the COME as payment.

Pays 9:5 on the 4 and 10

Every $5 you bet wins $9 on the 4 or 10, so increments of $5 are good

$5 place bet on point four with $9 cut out in the COME as payment.

What Are Proper Terms for Betting Place Bets?

There are many ways to bet Place bets. Here are the proper terms to use to make the game move along at a much smoother pace and reduce confusion for everyone.

  • "Place" – When you bet a Place Bet, you tell the base dealer to “place” that number. For example, if you want to bet $10 on the 5, you drop $10 on the table and say, “I would like to ‘place’ the 5 for ten dollars." The dealer should repeat “Ten dollar 5."

  • “Each” – The term “each” is used when you bet the same amount on two numbers. Only use it when you’re betting two Place bets that could be the same amount. 6 and 8 are bet in $6 increments. If you wanted $6 on both the 6 and 8, you would say, “Six each six and eight." The 4, 5, 9, and 10 are all bet in $5 increments. If you wanted $10 on both the 4 and 10, you would tell the dealer, “Ten each four and ten.”

  • “Buy” – When you use the term “buy”, you are betting a Place bet that is being paid True Odds. A commission is involved and is usually paid when you make the bet, although some casinos will charge the commission only after the bet has won.

  • “Across”, “Inside”, “Outside" – These terms are used when you’re betting three or more numbers at the same time. When using these terms, you do not include the point. These are known as Spread Bets.

  • “... Including the Point” – This is used when you are betting a Place bet that is also the Point. People who use this usually won’t be betting the Pass Line, which is why they are Including the Point as part of their Place bets. These are also Spread Bets.

How Do You Bet a Place Bet for the Dealers in a Craps Game?

Dealer Place Bets encouraged! The dealer will put that bet in the middle of the number representing that it is a bet for the dealer. The amount that gets paid differs from point to point and from casino to casino, but this is how I generally understand it.

6's and 8's

Most often, I see dealers getting even money on Place bets less than $5. If you see the dealers getting paid more than even money on dealer bets that are less than $4, then I strongly urge you to make those bets for the dealers as it would actually be giving them an advantage over the casino!

$6 place bet in the middle of the point eight.

5's and 9's

Bets under $5 for the dealers on the 5 and 9 are better if you keep them in even increments in case the casino rounds down with uneven bets. If you bet $2 (even number), the dealers would get True Odds (3:2) so the $2 would win $3. Once you get to $5 it is considered a proper Place Bet and $5 would win $7.

$2 place bet in the middle of the point nine.

4's and 10's

It’s almost better for players to keep the total on the 4 and 10 under $5. Bets under $5 win True Odds (2:1) so $1, $2, $3, and $4 would all win double if they win. Once we got to $5 on the 4 and 10 it would be considered a proper Place Bet and $5 would win $9, not double.

$4 place bet in the middle of the point ten.

Before you ever make a bet on the table you should know the basics to playing the game.

The Pass Line and its Odds are the first bets you should learn on the Craps table

The most common bets after the Pass Line. These are fun to play with a lot of betting possibilities.

They work like the Pass Line and offer Odds that don't have an advantage for the casino. 

Also called the Dark Side, these players are saying the shooter won't be making points.