Place Bets

Place Bets

Easy to learn with huge potential

When a shooter is hot on numbers, knowing how to handle your Place Bets will bank you some serious cash.

Up close view of point six. There is eighteen dollars on position six and twelve dollars on position eight.

Learn what Place Bets are, where your bets are, and how to properly bet Place Bets.

Up close view of point ten. There is five dollars on position eight and a twenty dollar buy on position five.

Once you get to a large enough Place Bet you want to take advantage of the option to 'Buy' the Place Bet and get paid true odds.


You should understand what's happening to the money you have on the layout. Learn what to watch for to make sure your money is being handled properly.

Up close view of ten dollars on position six on point five of third base.

There are systems designed to add money to one or multiple Place Bets at the same time. Using presses makes the game run smoother for everyone involved.

Player view from third base hook looking at fifty-four across. The puck is on point six.

Spread Bets are betting multiple Place Bets at the same time. Use these to avoid string betting all your bets individually.

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