Proposition Bets

Proposition Bets

The fastest way to turn a little into a lot

They're hard to hit which is why they pay so much. Some dumb luck and you've turned $1 in $1,000 using Proposition Bets.

View from stick at the proposition bets area. The layout is empty.

Learn the basics of what a Proposition Bet is along with how to make your bets with the dealers.

Up close aerial view of a ton of bets on the hardware section of the proposition bets. There are around thirty bets scattered.

You could bet that some of the Points are going to land as a pair and when they do they are considered to be a Hardway.

Up close view of two straight up bets. Five on the Horn high twelve and a dollar on the twelve.

High, Low, Ace-Deuce, and a Yo. Even a dollar win on one of those and you're back in the game.

Up close view of bets on the c and e’s. Some are split and some are individually placed on the c or the e.

The C & E is another way to bet the Any Craps and the Yo. Bet them individually or as a pair.

Up close view of the any seven section of the proposition bets area. There is a three dollar bet on second base hook.

Normally only bet by don't players, the Any Seven is one way to hedge your Don't Bets.

View from next to  second base looking at the any craps section. There is a five dollar bet on third base hook.

Otherwise known as the "C" in C & E, the Any Craps is sometimes used to hedge the Pass Line. 

Player view from left of stick at second base side. There are bets on the pass line, don’t pass, field and a few place bets.

It might look very enticing but the Field is not one of the better bets on the Craps Table.

Up close aerial view of straight up section of prop bet area. money on the c and e, a split, and a high low yo.

Here you'll learn some of the most common ways to bet two or three Straight Up bets in different combinations. 

Up close view of three bets on the Horn Bet. Eight, four, and sixty dollars.

Instead of betting all four straight up individually, you can bet them as a group called a Horn. 

Up close view of five dollars on the Horn High Ace Deuce. You can see a few other prop bets.

Why not bet a Horn, add one more dollar on the, let's say, Yo and call it a Horn High Yo.

Five dollar bet on the image of the world on the second base side. The bet seems to be spot nine.

Most commonly bet during the Comeout Roll, the World is one of the most popular bets in Craps.

Up close aerial view of the hop bet area. There are bets and the three hopping sevens and the hopping sixes.

The other propositions aren't enough? OK. Here's every other combination the dice could land on.


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