Spread Bets

Spread Bets

Betting Multiple Place Bets at a Time

Don't be a string bettor! Help make the game run smoother and look like a pro using spread bets.

Player view from third base hook looking at fifty-four across. The puck is on point six.

When your betting the Pass Line and you still want to bet all the numbers.

View from right of stick at two-twenty inside on position seven. The puck in on point four.

These would be the most commonly rolled numbers and for those who would like a little safer action.

View from right of stick at seventy-six outside on position one. The puck is on point ten.

Outside numbers are harder to hit but they pay better than the inside. These bettors enjoy a little more bang for their buck.

View from stick looking at one-sixty-two downtown on position eight and thirty-two uptown on position three.

Betting the opposite of the point, Up and Downtown get a variety of bets without too much exposure.

View from stick looking looking at sixty-four across including the point on second base. The puck is on point five.

Don't have a Pass Line but still want a vested interest in the Point? Include it in your spread bet.

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