The Dice

Every Craps table has five dice with matching serial numbers. They are 19mm translucent cubes with spots on them called pips. The shooter picks two dice out of the five and the game is played with those.

The Shooter

Everyone at the table has a chance to roll the dice but have to follow certain rules. You cannot just pick up the dice and do what you want with them. The stickperson will send you five dice, you pick two, the dealer takes back the rest then it’s time to shoot. Follow these rules when handling the dice:

  • Do not go hand to hand with the dice - Once you pick up the dice with one hand do not switch them to the other hand. Keep them in the same hand! If you want to switch hands, simply place the dice back on the table and pick them up with your other hand.

  • Keep the dice over the table - Do not grab the dice then turn around because the beverage server is coming around asking for drinks. If something is so imperative that you need to turn around, either keep your arm stretched out over the table or put the dice down and do what you gotta do. The dealers will bring the dice back to the middle of the table and give them back to you when you are ready.

  • Hit the back wall with both dice - The back wall would be the wall on the opposite side that you are shooting from. It is not the wall closest to you. If you do not hit the back wall with both dice it is still considered a roll but you may be reminded by one of the dealers or the box to try and hit the back wall.

  • Do not pick up anything with the hand you have the dice in - Many people will pick up the dice and be ready to shoot but then decide they want to make a last minute bet. What do they do? They reach into the rail with the dice and pick up some cheques to make a bet. This is common but a no-no. Use your other hand or put the dice back down.

  • Throw them down the middle of the table - There will be many times where the table is filled with bets and there might not be any other option but to hit some cheques but please do not try to hit bets on purpose. Specifically: do not throw the dice in the Place Bet area. When these cheques get hit they very easily get mixed together and it becomes hard for the dealer to determine whose cheques belong to whom. Nobody wants arguing at the table. Please try to not hit the mirror because they cheque the dice.

  • "Same Dice" - If you happen to throw one or both of the dice off the table the stickperson will dump the bowl and you will have to pick two more. If you want the same die/dice you must tell the dealer “Same dice” before they dump the bowl in order to get your same dice back.

Watching the Dice

You must watch the dice at all times! The time to make bets is when the dice are sitting in the middle of the table. As soon at the dice leave the middle of the table you should be done making bets. If you don’t watch the dice and the shooter throws them down the table and hits you, you’ll very likely be blamed if a 7 is rolled and everybody loses. Don't be that person. If you would like to make a bet while the dice are out than you can make a verbal bet.

Courtesies to the Shooter

The person shooting the dice bears the burden of whether or not the table makes or loses money. For most shooters, there is no skill in shooting the dice nor can they do anything to make the dice land on a certain number. Even though they can’t control the outcome of the game other players should still have some etiquette towards the shooter.

  • #1 Rule: Keep your hands up!! - When the shooter is about to roll the dice, do not reach down onto the table for any reason. If you want to make a last second bet then make a verbal bet. If you want to add or remove money from a bet, once again just tell the base dealer.

  • Do not bother the shooter as they are about to throw the dice - It’s pretty much ok for the table to root for the shooter as they’re going to shoot the dice but trying to ask a question or start up a conversation as they’re about to shoot is a big no-no.

Getting Hit with the Dice

How a player reacts to being hit by the dice determines whether or not a roll will be considered valid. Be a statue. If you see the dice are going to hit you and you don’t move and the dice land back on the table, it will be considered a roll. As a very general rule of thumb, if a player makes a forward motion with any part of their body that keeps the dice on the table it will be considered a "No-Roll". It is at the discretion of the Stickperson and/or Boxperson to determine whether a player made a motion that they considered to be 'forward' and should say “That’s a roll” or “No-roll” before the dice come to a complete stop.

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