The Don'ts

The Don'ts

When you lack faith in the shooter

You don't always need to bet the shooter will make their Point. You can bet that it won't happen.

Player view from next to third base looking at four bets on the don’t pass.

The Don't Pass is the opposite of the Pass Line. Where one wins, the other loses.

Fifty with ninety lay on the don’t pass.

Lay Odds are an extra bet you can add to your Don't Pass that gets paid True Odds.

Up close aerial view of ten dollars on the don’t come. You can see five dollars on the pass line and five dollars in the field.

Don't Comes are just like mini Don't Pass bets. It's always betting against the next Point number to roll. 

Aerial view of don’t come bets with lay odds behind the eight, nine, and ten of the second base side of the table.

Just like the Don't Pass, you can add Lay Odds to your Don't Come bet which gets paid True Odds. 

A sixty dollar overlay behind the point four with nothing else on the layout.

If you can make a proper Overlay, vig and all, I'd say you've learned how to play Craps.

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