The Pass Line

The Pass Line

The first bet you should learn

If you can understand how the Pass Line works then you've learned the foundation of Craps.

Player view from left of stick looking at four pass line bets. You can see money in the rail.

Here you'll learn about how the Pass Line wins and loses as well as the two stages of the Pass Line: the Comeout Roll and the Intermediate Roll.

Up close aerial view of layout on second base hook. There are three different pass line bets, each with different odds.

The Pass Line offers one of the best bets in the casino, Odds. These have no advantage for the casino and should be taken advantage of every chance you get.

Up close view of layout on position sixteen. There is a five dollar pass line with twenty odds.

The Odds bet is so good that the casinos put a maximum amount allowed based on thow much money you put on the Pass Line.

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