The Stages

Craps is played in stages and certain bets win or lose in a different manner depending on the stage of the game. Know where they are in the game to be sure of when your bets win and lose.

The Comeout Roll

The Comeout Roll, when the puck is OFF, is the time new players should buy in and people who are leaving should color up. This isn’t a rule, but it is suggested you do it during this time as a courtesy to the other players. If you buy into a game during the Intermediate Roll there is a chance you can get scolded by other players. The Comeout Roll is the best time to play the Pass Line and the only time you can make a bet on the Don’t Pass.

The Intermediate Roll

The Intermediate Roll is when the Puck turns ON and a Point has been established. This is when all the bets on the table are working and you can make bets that your normally couldn't during the Comeout Roll such as Come or Don't Come bets.

Buying In

It’s suggested to wait until the Comeout Roll to buy cheques because some players feel if you buy cheques in the middle of a roll it messes with the flow of the game although it is your right to make a bet any time. You can certainly walk right up, throw a bunch of money on the table and tell them what bet you want. After the boxperson has counted out your money, one of the base dealers will hand you your cheques. Pick them up, put them in the rail, and you are ready to play.

Cashing Out

When it’s time to go, please don’t walk away with the cheques unless you have a handful or less. You should also wait until the current roll has ended and it’s a new Comeout Roll. If you color up in the middle of a roll you are saying the shooter isn’t going to win and you want to get out before they cost you any money. When the roll is over, tell the base dealer that you would like to color up and place your cheques on the table. You’re doing this so you can convert your smaller cheques into larger ones.

Cashing Out A
Cashing Out B

The Number 7

The number 7 is a double-edged sword. During the Comeout Roll the players usually win. During the Intermediate Roll it’s usually how all the players lose so nobody wants to hear it so don’t say "seven" during the Intermediate Roll. When betting an Any 7 many players will use the phrase “big red” in place of “any seven” because it’s written on the table in red letters. E.g. “Can I have $1 big red?” They phrase it that way as a courtesy to the other players so they don’t hear “seven”. It’s only ok for players to say “seven” during the Comeout Roll when the majority of players are on the Pass Line and it wins for them.

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