The Table

The Craps table could be intimidating if you don’t know what you’re looking at. It consists of a rail, the layout and the bank.

The Rail

This is where you place your cheques. It’s divided into sections and each section is for a player. You place your cheques in the rail sideways. Under the rail is a second rail in which you place other objects such as drinks or an ashtray.

The Betting Areas

The majority of the game is played on these two areas; one for each side of the table. This is where you make your PassDon’t PassPlaceCome, and Odds.

Proposition Bets

This whole middle of the table is reserved for Proposition Bets, most of which are one roll bets.

The Bank

Money that is used to run the game is called the bank. Players’ buy-in’s and color up’s come from there and is where dealers get their money to deal the game.

Table Limits

First thing is first: find the table with the lowest minimum bet. You’ll find tables at their lowest limits during the day or middle of the week and at their highest on the weekends. A $5 game can eat $100 in a matter of minutes so make your money last by finding the cheapest table.

The Puck

The Puck is double sided and tells you where you are in the game. One side of the Puck is black and reads OFF. This is known as the Comeout Roll and is the beginning of the game.

Puck OFF

The opposite side is white and reads ON. This is known as the Intermediate Roll and means the players are in the middle of the game.

Puck ON

The Stick

The Stick is used to send dice to the players and collect them after the roll since some tables can be as long as 16ft. It is usually made of rattan, the material used in wicker, and is incredibly flexible which helps to navigate the dice around the layout. The stick is used by a dealer called the Stickperson who controls the pace of the game.

The Bowl

The Bowl is used to hold the extra dice not being used by the shooter.

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