Verbal Betting

The whole game of craps can be played via talking to the dealers. You can move bets, take down bets, ask bets to be turned OFF and ON, and a host of other options. You DO NOT have to throw your money on the table in order to make a bet. Clear communication between dealers and players makes the game run more smoothly.

Verbal Declaration

Many times the dice are out and you want to make a bet. As long as the dealers can see you have the money for a bet than you are allowed to make it by saying it aloud. E.g. if the dice are out and you want $5 in the Field, look at the dealer and say, “I want $5 in the Field”. The dealer will repeat it back to you and after the dice have landed you can put the money on the table.

Repeating Bets

Having a dealer repeat your bet is one of the most important things that need to happen in craps. Any bet that you ask for that is not repeated back to you can be considered a “No bet”. Dealers repeat the bet to let you know they heard you, to make sure it’s the bet you actually want, and so the Box can know what’s happening at the table. If the dealer does not repeat your bet back to you then you must say it again until they do.

No Call Bets

Tables that are labeled with 'No Call Bets' mean you cannot walk up to a table and verbally ask for a bet without showing that you have the money for the bet. If the dealers can’t see money than it will be a “No Bet”.

"No bet"

"No bet" is a phrase used when the dealer doesn't accept your bet. There can be any number of reasons a dealer doesn't accept a bet but a few are things like making a bet too late, not understanding what your bet is, or making an improper bet.

"My bets are ON"

During the Comeout Roll, certain bets don’t win or lose. They are considered 'Off'. If you want those bets to have a chance to win before the puck turns ON then you need to tell the dealer “I want my bets turned ON”.

"My bets are OFF"

During the Intermediate Roll all the bets are already turned ON. You can tell the dealer that you want all or any specific bets turned OFF. Usually when you say “I want all my bets turned OFF.”, the dealer will say “Odds work unless you pick them up.” meaning that it’s your own responsibility to pick up any Odds you have for your Pass Line bet. You might also hear “Hardways are also working unless called OFF.” meaning that you must also say that you would like your Hardways OFF.

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